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You will find here information about the various materials we use for the production of our buttons and fashion accessories. For a piece of more detailed information, please download the PDF of the required material.

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Polyester Resin

We offer Sustainable Polyester Resin made from Recycled PET Bottles. Our resin used is styrene, lead, and cadmium free 

It is able to replace and replicate very closely natural patterns like horn, mother of pearl, corozo, and others. We are also able to color match the Pantone Shade Card

Download the presentation here.


Ethically sourced Horn from Buffalo and Ox.

A noble and luxurious material used for the production of the finest buttons and accessories. Can be burnt as well to achieve a burnt look.

Please see our color card for Horn here, to see all the different colors and patterns available.


Download the presentation here.


Corozo is obtained from the nut of a palm tree grown in Ecuador, South America. It is commonly called "Vegetal Ivory" for its resemblance to ivory due to its beautiful natural grains unique to every nut.

Its recognizable veins are enhanced by its ability to take on dye perfectly. Can be burnt as well to achieve a burnt look.


Download the presentation here.


Ethically sourced Bone from which we make our articles is specially treated to remove any fat content from it. This helps in getting a uniform white color, which may be easily dyed to your preference. 

Characteristics of bone are its veins in the material and its heaviness in weight. Can be burnt as well to achieve a burnt look.


Download the presentation here.


Different types of wood available, each with their own unique natural patterns and colors. Can be dyed as well. 

Available wood: Teak, Sheesham, Rose, Yellow, Black, and Red.


Download the presentation here.


Natural coconut shell blanks, articles can be made with or without the outer shell of the coconut. Large sizes (above xx Ligne) are a limitation because of the size and curving of the coconut.


Download the presentation here.


As bamboo blanks ages it takes on a darker hue. Similar to Coconut, large sizes are a limitation because of the size and curving of the bamboo.


Download the presentation here.

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