Corozo Buttons For A Better Tomorrow

Corozo also known as vegetable ivory is a 100% biodegradable alternative to plastic buttons. Vegetable ivory was a very popular material used in the manufacturing of buttons before plastic buttons took the center stage. Its striking resemblance to elephant ivory makes it a sought-after choice in the fashion industry. It exudes all the luxurious properties of animal ivory and none of the ferity. One of the best features of corozo buttons is the beautiful grainy appearance which further gets enhanced after dyeing. They can be dyed using both natural and machine made dyes. They are not only aesthetically appealing but are also durable and scratch-resistant. Corozo is made up up of tightly wound organic fibers which leads to this particular characteristic. Plus modern manufacturing has helped to explore the limits of corozo buttons. It can be cut, heated, bleached and polished to a finish some find even more impressive than ivory.

Corozo is made from tagua nuts grown on the tagua palm trees, a particular species grown in the South American tropical forests. They are procured through ethical and sustainable methods. The seeds can only be harvested once the fruit ripens and falls to the ground naturally. This very nature of tagua palms and the harvesting methods incentivizes rain forest conservation. Ecuador is the largest exporter of corozo used for manufacturing corozo buttons.

While the fashion industry at large is moving towards sustainable practices to conserve and preserve our only home, corozo buttons present one solution to many a problem. It is one of those rare commodities that hold high social, economic, and environmental value. It not only assures sustainability but also social responsibility. A true testament that investing in sustainable choices could bring storms of change that leads us toward a better tomorrow!

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