Chetna International operates through three key brands

A bit about the group

At Chetna, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. From our incorporation in 1984 our journey of making quality buttons started, and so did our pursuit of making sure our impact to the environment was minimal and our processes are aimed towards sustainability and a circular economy.

We have a fully vertically integrated manufacturing system in place for button manufacturing where everything is done in house, reducing our dependence on others and making sure all processes get the same quality ‘Chetna’ is known for.

Surya Buttons

Surya is our brand of high quality polyester buttons, supplying to leading traders and garment manufacturers across India and the world.

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Handful Beads

In 2018, we decided to diversify into the High Fashion Jewellery, supplying industry with High Quality Beads and Customised Laser Cut Components.

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RRAJ Bioplast

RRAJ Bioplast is a plastic masterbatch company where we strive to convert waste across industrial practices into usable plastic and create a better world towards sustainability and circular economy.

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